When someone says the city name ‘Blackpool’ you, what images does it conjure up? Does it instantly regress your mind back to when you were a child and looking around the pleasure beach and pier in wild-eyed bewilderment with a half-eaten stick of candy floss in you right hand and a rapidly melting ice cream grasped in your left? Does it summon images of the prestigious Blackpool tower limo hire and the rows upon rows of the famous illuminations cascading light up and down the promenade; or, does it tempt and tantalise you as one of the most perfect destinations for a Hen Night limo hire in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Blackpool is one of the main centres of tourism in England and rose to such a level back in the 1800s. It rose to even more prominence during the inter-war years when it was claimed that over 7 million people visited the destination every year. This is because northern factory workers often descended on the seaside resort in droves each time they had holiday time off work; and to that extent, it has remained as such until this day.

So why not discover what makes this city a piece of history and arrange for a Hen weekend with the girls, let you hair down and what’s even better, travel there in the comfort of a pink stretch limousine or, even better, treat the Hen party to a fantastic triple-axle 16-seater hot pink Hummer limo to really start the weekend off with a bang. What could be better than coursing down the motorway towards Blackpool whilst happily sipping champagne and listening to the latest Ministry Of Sound album pulsating through the speakers of our state-of-the-art stereo system.

Blackpool Hen Night Limousine

Now, once you reach the city and step out onto its hallowed and famous streets you may be wondering where the action is, after all you have been travelling a fairly long way and probably want dance the night away. You should have no trouble finding a pub as there is a veritable bevy of them to choose from in the City centre. After all, what self respecting English man or woman don’t enjoy a drink or two at a nice and friendly local. For example, one such famous public house in the heart of the city is called The Laughing Donkey and is very family friendly and also has regular quizzes and live entertainment so you won’t find yourself getting bored.

Undoubtedly one of the best experience that Hen party can have at Blackpool apart from the outrageous nightclubs are the pleasure beach attractions where there are scores of ancient and quirky rides at your fingertips to help you all relive your childhood days at the funfair. One of the main attractions at the venue is the Pepsi Max Big one which was, for a period of time in the nineties, one of the tallest and fastest rollercoasters in the whole of Europe.

Whatever you decide to do in Blackpool hen party limo hire, you can be sure that you will receive the optimum quality of service and excellence from us here at Blackpool limo hire

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