When you're planning a birthday party, it can be difficult to organise something new, fresh and exciting, that the party person hasn't done before. And that applies to all parties – whether it's a kid's birthday party, someone's all-important 18th or 21st, or any other adult birthday party.

You want to organise something that they'll never forget – not something boring and samey that will fade into obscurity like a distant memory. You might have organised a great party at a venue somewhere, or organised an activity such as bowling or paintballing, but you still need something that's going to make the party well and truly stand out.

And that's where Lux Limo come in, with our great range of birthday party limo hire services. We've got a great array of packages and selection of vehicles available to suit any style of party, any size of guestlist, and for any age – from eight years old to 80 years old.

Imagine organising a meal out for someone, with them thinking that's all there is to their birthday celebrations, and then having one of our amazing stretch limousines roll up to take you on an hour-long cruise before arriving at the destination in huge amounts of style and luxury.

You could choose one of our Lincoln limo hire packages for your birthday party celebrations, and experience the luxury of this amazing eight-seater stretch limousine as your lavish transport for the evening.

With all our birthday party packages you have the option of return journeys, so you can chauffeured by one of our professional limo drivers for the entirety of your evening; both during your ride to the restaurant for your birthday meal and at the end of your evening to transport you home safely and lavishly, bookending your celebrations absolutely perfectly.

We can decorate all of our limos with birthday balloons and ribbons, and will provide three big bottles of bubbly on ice, ready chilled for when you set foot inside the limousine, so you can really start your birthday celebrations from the moment you start your journey.

Imagine sitting back in luxury leather seats with seven close friends or family members, cracking open a bottle of your free bubbly and getting chauffeured in a stunning stretch limousine right to the front door of the restaurant for your meal, turning heads as you cruise through the streets of your hometown.

To book your limo for a birthday party, just call Lux Limo on 0800 002 9475 or email at info@lux-limo.co.uk for a free quote or low-cost booking.

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