Are Are you thinking of an exciting, fun and quintessentially British activity to add to your manifest of things to do on your Hen Night limo hire....has it come to you yet? Ah, you got it! BINGO limo hire! This fantastic and harmless form of gambling has long been the staple of many a town and community for many years and has always bred a great time and one heck of a laugh. So don’t harrow yourself with faceless online Bingo limo hire games and take you, the bride-to-be and the fellow hens out to the limo hire bingo where, even if you don’t win anything, everyone is a winner in terms of enjoyment and fun when you experience the wondrous nature of the game.

So, what better way of making that bingo excursion to the ever growing list of things to do on the Hen night/weekend than by travelling to and fro the bingo limo hire venue of your choice in a unique 8-seater baby pink limo hire and the amazing hot pink Hummer limousine hire bingo; or, if you need rescuing from smaller and mediocre transport, allow us to ferry the lot of you around in the magnificent and exciting baby pink fire engine limo hire, just be prepared to douse the fire in the hearts of the many men who may be chasing after you when they see you in all your beauty in this fantastic vehicle.

Limousine Hire Bingo Hen Night

On embarkation inside the vehicle you are immediately met with a copious number of bottles of bubbly of which to crack open and pour out healthy measures for all the Hens in the party, but remember, it is the bride-to-be’s prerogative and right never to have an empty glass so the matron of honour must respect this and enforce it whenever she can. We advise you to get the party started as soon as you can by putting on your favourite dance/cheesy pop tracks on our fantastic audio system. If you are felling mushy and sentimental then why not start the evening off by compiling a CD of photos from the future brides childhood and school days, various holidays that she and the Hens have taken in the past and just generally just embarrassing ones that make her blush to a colour even deeper than that of your hot pink Hummer limo that you have hired. This is sure to evoke a vast amount of emotion and the CD can be easily view via our DVD player; in turn, the images will then appear on screen; courtesy of multiple plasma TV screens that we have dotted around the interior of this lovely pristine, prestigious limousine.

If you fancy something a little roomier, then you and the girls can get the party started early by booking a Party Bus to take you to the Bingo. Get your ‘full house’ of Hens inside and have a fantastic dance courtesy of the unique design of the vehicle which means you can actually stand up inside and have a proper boogie. So, give us a call today and book your bingo excursion with Lux Limos; where we and Hen Night limo hire are a winning combination.

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