Deep in the heart of Turkey, steeped in the annals of history comes a rather peculiar dance that has manifested itself in all parts of the world. With the international immigration of our humble Turkish cousins around the globe this dance trend has spread with full force and is a very popular and entertaining technique. So, why not add a bit of spice, intrigue and downright fun to your Hen night/weekend by adding an afternoon of belly dancing lessons to give your bums and tums a thorough workout as well as your laughter muscles as you are sure to be left in hysterics.

Before you choke on your cup of tea with fits of laughter we are endeavouring to be serious with you. Why ever not try this lovely little form of dance. In our honest opinion we think you should firmly consider it as a contender to the ever growing list of ‘things to do’ which you have been mulling over on your long list. Belly dancing limo hire provides a perfect fusion of exotic dancing and elaborate costumes that have wild and vivid aesthetic effect to the eye and is definitely something that you should eye up doing.

Lots of people try manipulate their belly in wobbling in a passionate and talented fashion but few know that actual ability. In the few hours you’ll spend with an experience and expertly trained limo hire belly dancer, she’ll teach you the tricks of the trade, how to manipulate your body pose and poise to maximum affect and how to achieve that killer look that all fantastic belly dancers limo hire strive to achieve. Not only will you ‘wow’ your menfolk and your family with your newly found belly techniques you may even be prompted to take up this dancing as a hobby. Who knows? Maybe we will say you and your girlies performing in front of the judges at next year’s edition of Britain’s Got Talent.

As you know, at the end of your 3 or so hours belly dancing class, you’ll be knackered and exhausted and literally gagging for a drink. So why not have one of our smiling chauffeurs promptly waiting for you outside inside a hot pink hummer limo to take the weight off your weary feet and take you back home, to the pub, to the hotel or wherever you wish you go as we here at belly dancing limo hire endeavour to facilitate your every whim. Furthermore, while you are travelling, feel free to pour yourself a glass or three of ice cold champagne which we have placed complimentarily in your belly dancing limo hire to welcome you to our service and quench your thirst.

Hen weekends should be about doing something that you have either never done before and having the most fun and belly dancing limo hire is able to tick all of those boxes so please don’t delay in making this Hen weekend limo hire something to be talked about for years and years to come. Additionally, do yourself a privilege and hire a limo hire with us as well.

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