If there is one thing a British gentleman loves and covets, apart from his soon-to-be bride, it is alcohol. Any man worth his salt knows his Sherry from his Port and his lager from his ale tour limo hire. Since you hit 18 and maybe even cheekily and illegally before that, you have been going to your favourite watering holes with your mates and enjoying a glass or two of a foaming beverage of some description. Alcohol can go along with any sort of social occasion, whether you are out at the theatre, going to a gig, some cinemas even have bars and it is even acceptable to drink alcohol at the wake of a funeral, there is hardly anywhere that this drink is excluded.

Therefore, I am guessing the Stag limo hire is a fan of the stuff himself and you lot have already consumed at least half of your body weight in lager already and still seemingly have room for more. So, may we at Lux Limos make a suggestion that is sure to add some fun and intrigue to your Stag limo hire weekend and we promise that if you go there that there won’t be any ‘hiccups’ well, there might be, depends how much you guys have been drinking. We advise you to pay homage to the ale and raise a glass to the whiskey by arranging a visit to a brewery or a distillery, or both, on your Stag weekend limo hire.

Brewery Tour Limo Hire

One of the main reasons to do this is that you can tell your other half with all due confidence and sincerity that you and the boys actually paid an educational trip out to a well founded establishment of note and that you learnt a lot of things about how your favourite things are made. Whilst she goes off suitably impressed you can be safe in the knowledge that it was also an education in drinking beer and whiskey as well as making them. Well, you needed to sample as much as you could didn’t you? It’s just what your discerning palette deserved though I don’t think you will be invited back to that particular distillery or brewery anytime soon, unless you go in disguise.

So, why not give the limo hire Stag a day out to remember and take him to one of the many illustrious places that make various types of alcohol in this land, from your remote Scottish and Welsh whiskey distilleries limo hire to your humble and tiny English ale brewers who have premises literally dotted everywhere around the land. Furthermore, you are going to need a designated driver as no member of the limo hire Stag gang wants to stand out like a sore thumb by not joining in. Therefore, hire a black Hummer limo hire to take you , the Stag limo hire and the rest of the boys in complete luxury to wherever you want to go in the firm knowledge that he will be ready and waiting at the end of the day to take you and the lads, whatever the state you’re in, back home, beer tour limo hire style.

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