First of all, a very big and heart felt ‘congratulations’ is winging its way from baby shower limo hire to you and your other half on the fantastic news that you are going to be a mummy and daddy for the first time. We here, at the home of baby shower limo hire and amazing limousine quality, always love to hear a happy story no matter how soppy it may be and our staff definitely goes gaga for baby news. No doubt you have told the good news of to your family and friends and friends and have heard them shriek, shout and whoop with delight because they are as excited about the new arrival as you are, perhaps even more so if that is possible.

However, if you ARE one of these friends looking at this article, first of all welcome to the world of baby shower limousine hire and also to a company that really cares about all the different areas and aspects of our customer’s lives. This is why we are on hand to suggest the best way to celebrate the news that one of your best friend’s has just given you in a fashion which is appropriate for its sheer gravity.

In that case we have two charming words for you; baby shower! Yes ladies, you have seen such a spectacle in the movies but thought it would be a few years before you actually witnessed one. However, now you have the undulated honour of clubbing together with all your other girlfriends, having a great brain storming session and coming up with a luscious and lavish baby shower limo hire for the mum to be. Something that is sure to stick in her mind for many years from now.

Limo Hire Baby Shower

So, what are the first plans for the baby shower to be sorted out on the agenda? The first and probably most important aspect is that you must keep it a secret from the prospective mum. You want the baby shower limo hire to have maximum impact so you must surprise her with it; however be careful to not shock her too much considering the delicate condition that she is in. Secondly, you have to decide where you are going to hold the baby shower. It needs to be at a place where you can comfortably and safely give your baby-related gifts to the pregnant lady of the hour. Our best suggestion is that you use one of your homes to hold the shower in. This way it is in familiar surroundings and feels a lot more intimate. Thirdly, you have to select the right gifts. Choose a mixture of presents that your friend might like for herself and also essential stuff that she might need for the baby limo hire such as clothes, toys and other paraphernalia.

Finally, treat your fine friend to a white, pink or black baby shower limousine hire cruise around the city as a final touch of luxury to show how much you all love and respect her. Just make sure she gets the glass of non-alcoholic bubbly.

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