Have you always dreamt of mixing it up in the armed forces but haven’t fancied the regimental work that goes into it? Do you admire that activities and courses that they have to complete but wouldn’t join up even if someone paid you? Does your Stag limo hire look at the shows on the TV depicting a soldier unit traversing a myriad of obstacles and problems and proudly exclaim; “I can do that!” before taking another mouthful of his steak and kidney pie? Well, with the itinerary of the Stag night or weekend hurriedly filling up, you may be left with a space free, on one of the mornings. Therefore it is time for your Stag limo hire to put his money where his mouth is as you take a trip out to an army style assault course.

Yes indeed, it is time to get down and dirty and really endeavour to put on your best ‘action man’ faces and stances on as you tackle some of the toughest obstacles that you have every come across literally giving your blood, sweat and tears to the course. You can be sure that assault courses aren’t like the Krypton Factor anymore, as demand and popularity has become more prevalent with this activity so has the redeveloping and rejuvenation of the activity itself been put into action. When participating in this test of your mettle you will be confronted by obstacles to climb and crawl under, freezing water to wade though, dank and dirt mud filled pipes to shimmy through. You have to be prepared to get bogged down in the heaviest and stodgiest of mud whilst still keeping going so may we suggest wearing an appropriate set of clothing. Perhaps it is time to use that camouflage outfit you bought on a whim years ago just to look cool. As an addition to this, may we suggest holding this rigourous activity after a particularly heavy session of drinking the night before. This will truly sort the men out from the boys and will really show who has the guts to endeavour to survive.

Limo Hire Assault Course

Furthermore, you can hold prizes for the best and worst things of the day. For instance, a crate if beer can go to the Stag limo hire with the best time. Another prize can go to the man who has been caked in the most amounts of mud and woodland debris. Forfeits and penalties can be dished out to the first person to void their stomach and vomit and of course the harshest penalty must go to the man who let everybody down by dragging himself in last with a laughable time.

All these features go up to making an amazing day, so why not put the cherry on the top by hiring a black or white limousine to complete the phenomenal day. Envisage your Stag’s limo hire face as a huge and domineering black Hummer assault course limo hire into view to pick up and transport everyone safely to and from the assault course. With our low and competitive prices, you’d be mad not to limo hire from us, here at assault course limo hire.

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