Howzat! Yes ladies and gentlemen the international cricketing season is once upon dear old England limo hire once again. But this time it is in the form of no such friendly test match series. On the contrary, this particular cricket tournament has been hotly contested over since 1882 and has forged one of the fiercest rivalries in the cricketing world between England and Australia. We are, of course, talking about the Ashes limo hire series which this year, 2009, comes to our very humble shores where we can hopefully teach those Ozzie lads a lesson by hitting them for six and claiming back the miniature urn that should be rightfully ours, at least in our minds anyway.

The tradition and mystery of limo hire The Ashes, and just what the rivalry is all about refers to match at The Oval in 1882 where Australia beat England in Cricket for the first time ever. The Sporting Times then ran a mock obituary in its paper heralding the loss as the ‘death’ of English cricket and that the ‘body’ of it had been burnt and its ashes transported back to Australia. Because of this, the next tour of Australia in the following year was dubbed “The question to regain The Ashes”. The Ashes limo hire in the small terracotta urn itself are widely believed to be that of a piece of cricketing equipment, most probably a stump, which was presented to the England captain in that 1883 tour by a group of Australian ladies. The trophies that are held aloft by the winners of this prestigious sporting series are replicas of this hallowed piece of cricketing history.

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So, what better way to experience one of the most exciting and hard-fought sporting events of the year than by touring at the country and taking in some of the best international cricket action you are likely to experience for some time. What’s more, why not double the pleasure by arranging to travel to the various venues courtesy of a white, pink or black 8-seater limo hire or one of our excellent 35ft ashes limo hire Jeeps, hired from the gracious and pleasant staff at Ashes limo hire.

Just picture it in your mind. You are about to watch England go head to head with the Aussies and are possibly batting to win the match. You wake up early in the morning, get ready, open you door and there, right in front of you is the illustrious carriage that will be taking you and your family or friends there. Once most of the initial shock and delight has partially subsided, allow yourself to enter this beautiful vehicle and begin experiencing the delightful pleasurable features that we have inside each and every one of our cars in our limousine fleet. Blissfully sip champagne and be chilled out with some quality music blasting out of our audio system as you travel in complete luxury and satisfaction to an Ashes limo hire test match of your choice. If this sounds right up your alley then please do not hesitate to make us here at Ashes limo hire your first port of call.

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