We are in doubt that you have probably witnessed copious amounts of programmes on the TV depicting gnarled old ladies and gentleman displaying the act of falconry limo hire. With this battered and torn gauntlets they wistfully and professionally make their beautiful birds of prey perform to their every whim and exhibit tremendous amounts of talent. You can’t help but be taken aback by the vision of such a power creature being trained to hunt, fly and land in a certain specific way that shows off every inch of its excellence and elegance.

So, at Lux Limo, we were wondering if you would like to try a spot of this limo hire falconry malarkey for yourselves. Of course, as you are in full flow of planning the Hen weekend limo hire extravaganza that is going to blow the socks off the prospective bride-to-be, we understand that you may not have time to seek out any options perhaps to cover daytime activities as well as night. Well, have no fear because, as ever, your favourite cheap limo hire company is here to guide and suggest to you some of the most enriching experiences that you are every likely to experience, especially on your Hen night or weekend.

Hen Night Falcony

You see, the activity of falconry limo hire is more of an artform than anything else and you truly have to experience something as beautiful and as powerful as this for yourselves. There is a connection that you will make between woman and bird that will forever stay in your mind and stir up all sorts of fantastic emotion. Imagine the chief Hen’s face as she stands out in the field with the gauntlet on, expertly being taken care of by the highly trained falconer that has given you excellent tuition throughout the day as a bird of prey, say for instance a sparrow hawk, deftly swoops down and lands with a firm grasp on her glove hungrily devouring the meat that is concealed in her fist. The whole experience will be fairly scary at first but as each one of you try it you will begin to realise, more and more, just how fantastic this particular activity is and why you are very glad that you decided to add falconry limo hire to the list of things to do and see on the prospective bride’s Hen spectacular weekend limo hire.

Furthermore, what better way to add to the beauty and prevalence of the whole thing than by coming to us and booking a pink Hummer limo hire to safely transport you and your Hens around town and to your various venues, including falconry in complete privacy and luxury. Make this special occasion even more so by gifting the lady of the hour a limousine hire experience which, compounded with the rest of the weekend will truly leave her breathless and forever thankful and will thusly create memories that are sure to live on in the memory of her and yourselves for years to pass.

Come on, you know it makes sense, book falconry and hire falconry limousines today to get hold of a truly remarkable time of your lives.

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