In the year 2000, a certain dome opened its doors to the world as a homage to the dawn of the new millennium. Its opening was to herald in a new generation of visitors and tourists and really accentuate what London was all about and how this tied in with the turning of the century. However, the idea never really took off and the venue failed to pull in the punters like its London Eye counterpart and it came to pass that the Dome was one of the most short lived and unpopular places to go on Greenwich’s and London’s proud horizon.

These low numbers and financial difficulties caused the exhibition to close rather ominously at the end of the year 2000 with its future very uncertain. Whilst visually stunning the Dome now had no purpose and it looked destined for dismantlement which would serve as a huge step back in the capital’s striving ambition to warrant a change in the new millennium. However, the venue was to find a purpose when it was bought by the 02 mobile company in 2003 to redevelop the vast venue as an entertainment venue, specifically for musical purposes.

The O2 Arena Limo Hire

It is at this point where we find the 02 arena today where anybody, who’s anybody wants to perform there. In 2008, Led Zepellin reformed for possibly the final time to play to thousands of very lucky customers. Electro-pioneers Depeche Mode managed to sell out the venue in under an hour for their Tour Of The Universe show; and Michael Jackson has arranged a stay of 50 dates of what may prove to be his final ever European show. So with this draw of talent you may have found that your favourite band is performing at the 02 Arena leaving you with the task of getting there safely and on time.

Maybe you have bought the tickets for someone’s special day and it is a surprise so, let Lux Limo suggest a certain something that may heighten and accentuate the whole feeling of the day and that is taking your very own limousine excursion to the venue. Let’s face it, anyone who’s anyone know London is very difficult to travel through, what with the myriad of streets, the jumping on and off of buses and ‘The Tube’ and, of course, dealing with the Congestion charge. So why not do yourselves a favour and indulge yourself in the sheer luxury of a hummer limo as our chauffeur expertly and flawlessly negotiates his way safely and securely through the streets of London. Travelling back from the 02 can especially present itself as a nightmare; so why not take the stress out of what should be a fantastic evening by having our chauffeur waiting there at the end of the day to pick you and your loved one or friend up with blissful ease and take you back home without you having to worry about a thing and just relax. Sound like a good idea? Then call Lux Limo today

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