Swindon Hummer Hire is now taking booking for Royal Ascot. The Limousine that are available to Swindon customers are the Pink Hummer Limousine - Black Hummer Limousine and the Pink Hummer Limousine. Please call 0845 055 0740


Some place to visit using Hummer Hire Swindon  hire would be:


Swindon Stadium is a fantastic place to discover the unique Greyhound races. Come and watch the fastest dogs you have ever seen as you watch in anticipation at your favorite greyhound head to the finishing line. With mysterious bends, straights and many more, Swindon Stadium is one of the Midlands most popular Greyhound race tracks, boasting a huge stadium holding up to 2000 people! Grab a bite to eat at the restaurant overlooking the entirety of the racetrack or choose from the 2 snack bars available. Head down this weekend and experience a sport like no other, Swindon stadium holds host to a range of open events and competitive championships for to watch in awe at. So if your looking for a night out with a difference, come down to Swindon Stadium and come alive at the great atmosphere it has to offer.


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Take your time out to explore Swindon's Museum and Art gallery and update yourself on the local history that has shaped the town we see today. Travel through the ages of Swindon's fascinating eras, dating back to the Egyptian times! Kids will be able to interact with many great things on offer at the museum, teaching them facts about Swindon and life that they didn't already know. Swindon Art gallery is home to many great, famous paintings from people, old and new, from Swindon. Take the chance to visit one of it's many exhibitions on display and learn more about the history of the town through it's fascinating display of paintings.. The Swindon Museum and Art gallery is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, offering a superb insight into the workings of a great town and it's people.


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Stonehenge - Come and visit one of the most mysterious and superior artifacts known to man, Stonehenge. Dating back to as early as 2000BC, this exciting piece of history is a must-see for history-lovers and British citizens alike. Globally known, the Stonehenge has received many theories of how it was actually erected, many mysterious rumors have always pondered around Stonehenge but have never tarnished the image that it has represented. So take your time out and explore one of Britain's most well known locations and discover the fascinating truth behind the erection of these spectacular stones.


The Pink rooms in Swindon is a fantastic way to meet new people in and around the town. Party until dawn as you take advantage of what the Pink rooms have to offer, with 5 different rooms each providing their own entertainment. The Pink rooms have been Swindon's number 1 gay and lesbian nightclub since 2000 and has become very popular and widely known over the last 9 years. Gay and lesbian people from all over the country visit the Pink rooms, solely to have a great time and a good dance. With local and masterful DJs playing non-stop, the Pink rooms is the perfect place to let your hair down and let the feet do the talking. With many special events and shows happening weekly, don't miss your chance to visit the Pink rooms and you won't be disappointed!


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