The Newark Jazz Festival is a great way to let off some steam and discover new talent in and around Newark. Listen to some truly great music as you meet new people and find out how Jazz still remains one of the best loved genres of music. With over 70 live concerts playing in over 30 towns, the Newark Jazz Festival really is something not to be missed, make sure your down at one or more of it's fascinating concerts in order to celebrate the Jazz we love and appreciate. Visit the many bars and venues the top jazz bands will be playing at and why not make it a time to remember by traveling with Lux Limos. We can drive you to all your chosen venues in style and class, the party doesn't stop ion any of our Limousines Hire with the finest Jazz music blaring out of our superb sound systems. Luxury is an understatement in our gleaming Limos, so see for yourself and give us a call today! 


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Newark Marina offers a fantastic range of world-class boats, old and new, all available at unbelievable prices! The selection of boats is endless as it provides some of the best luxury boats money can buy, and all at a reasonable cost too. Imagine the refreshing wind blowing in your face as your sail your boat smoothly over the glistening seas, the sun is shining comfortably on your forehead as you peacefully relax in the middle of nowhere , with not one thing to worry about. Boating has always been a popular hobby, whether you like to fish, sun bathe or just plainly want to escape the everyday grind, a luxury boat is the perfect way to fulfill your needs and escape onto the water.


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(Hummer H2 Limousine Newark)


Golfing has been a spectacular sport for hundreds of years, offering a peaceful and calming atmosphere in some of the best locations. Newark Golf Club is no different, it offers quality golf facilities and services in the heart of Newark countryside. Join up and meet new people or just visit and have a quiet, friendly game. With 18 fantastic holes spread over 300 acres of land, Newark Golf Club makes it a spectacular day out for golf-lovers and interested people alike. Have a delicious meal after the tiring game at the Clubhouse, serving fresh meals throughout the day. Learn the art of Golf by booking some skillful lessons with one of it's trained professionals. There's plenty to keep you entertained for the day down at Newark Golf Club so see for yourself and visit one of the most beautiful and picturesque Golf courses in the country today!


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