Sherwood Forest, most famously known for the home of Robin Hood, has become a public attraction with a difference. Have a spectacular day out with the family as you walk through the picturesque scenery and discover the history behind the legend. The story goes that Robin Hood hid out in Sherwood Forest from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham who was after him. Robin Hood continued to steal from the rich and give to the poor, some whom lived with him deep in the forest. Walk around Sherwood Forest and listen to the many folklores of his life, you can always have a appetizing picnic with picnic areas and fantastic locations. Explore the truth behind Robin Hood as well as have a grand day out in Sherwood Forest, Mansfield. Visit Sherwood Forest with Hummer Limo Hire.


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Head down to the Town Mill in Mansfield and experience music from a wide range of great bands, old or new. The Town Mill was originally constructed in 2002, where the hope was to bring in famous and upcoming bands from across the country, the hope turned out to be a success and to this day has brought in a selection of great Indie bands. Why not visit thee Town Mill this weekend with Lux Limos, have the chance to choose the Limousine to suit you and arrive at the club in nothing but pure class and style. Our own exclusive mini-bar will get the ball rolling as you start your wild night out at Mansfield's only nationally recognized club!


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The Intake club is a great club in the heart of Mansfield that offers live music, special lounges and a host of new drinks on offer. Come down and experience a night like no other at the Intake Club, with bands playing each night to a wide selection of party-goers, dancers or people just looking to have some fun. With it's massive venue, the Intake Club gathers a huge number of people each night, giving you a chance to meet great new people and to basically have as much fun as you can. Make it a night to remember with Lux Limos and hire one of our stunning Limousines to arrive in class and style, you'll be treated like a true Hollywood Superstar inside our Lux Limousine as you take advantage of the many state-of-the-art features and luxuries. You couldn't possibly have a better night than being driven in a world-class Limo to an amazing club, book yours now by giving Lux Limos a ring today!


For those of you looking for a more sophisticated night out, try the Palace Theatre in Mansfield and explore the world of art, dance and entertainment. With so many great shows being shown weekly, there's something for everyone at the Palace Theatre from comedy, to kid's plays to the dramatic adaptations of Shakespeare's great plays. In 2010, the Palace theatre will be celebrating it's 100th birthday, hosting a wide variety of events in celebration of this achievement. Why not see the spectacular adaptation of 'The Jungle Book' or educate yourself with 'Macbeth'. So for a classy, brilliant, memorable night out at the arts, don't forget to visit the Palace Theatre in Mansfield.


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