Whether your a rollerblader, skateboarder, biker or just fancy a bit of fun and adventure, head down to Harlow Skate Park and experience the art and culture of some of the most urbanized sports in the world. Get your skates on and learn new tricks as well as practicing the old ones, don't forget to wear your helmet though! Watch the pros do their thing as they ollie, kick flip, grind and roll over the 650 square feet skate world. It really is a different atmosphere when you enter Harlow Skate park, so head on down, meet new friends and most importantly, have a fascinating time! The £300,000 skate park brings in skaters and fans alike from all over the country since it was built in 2008, and with a local skate shop only a stones throw away, it really is a skater's dream. So check out Harlow Skate Park to discover a world of urban-style sports and entertainment.


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The Harlow Playhouse For a unique, cultural night out full of entertainment and magic, visit the Harlow Playhouse and watch a fantastic show, with many productions fit for all ages and tastes, there'll be something for everyone down at the Harlow Playhouse. Go and watch CBBC favorite 'Basil Brush' and his exciting new show full of madness and mayhem. Love film? A selection of the best loved comedians in the country come together to present the films you've loved like you've never seen them before. With many stand-up comedians, musicals and dances being shown weekly, the Harlow Playhouse really does offer a variety of styles and themes for all audiences. Whether it's that romantic night out with your other half, to your children's special birthday, the Harlow Playhouse combines fun, entertainment and art into one to offer a fresh and original look at the world of theatre. Why not make it an even more memorable night by choosing Lux Limos as your quality Limousine travel? You'd be surprised at what we can do for you with our amazing range of top-notch Limo Hire fitted with only the best in luxury Limousine entertainment.


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The Square (Harlow) Let your hair down this weekend by heading down to The Square in Harlow, Harlow's biggest and best live entertainment venue. The Square continues to present a variety of different music for all ages and types. From Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep, Indie Rock, Rock, Metal to even classical music, The Square aims to suit all tastes in and around Harlow. The Square is not just a place to listen to bands, but also to perform, if your in a band and wish to play in front of a live audience, whether it's your first time or a 1000th, The Square will be more than happy and will try it's best to offer spaces for all kinds of bands. As well as a great selection of live music, The Square also provides many up and coming talents to get known, whether it be comedians to performers, The Square offers a great insight into the many acts and talents around Harlow. The Party Bus Limousine is very popular for the is event.


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