Limo Hire in Gravesend is exciting with Bluewater Shopping Centre just 15 minutes away. At Bluewater you’ll find all the stores you love and more... Why not turn an ordinary shopping trip into an extravagant day out! Gather friends and family and plan a Bluewater extravaganza!



Book a cheap Gravesend Limo and roll up at Bluewater in style! After browsing a few deluxe shops, head outside to Hangloose and gear up ready to whizz over the majestic Bluewater cliffs on the Gnu Skywire, England’s longest zip line. After all that adrenaline pumping, chill out watching the latest blockbuster at Showcase Cinema Deluxe Bluewater. You're bound to build up an appetite; with the vast selection of top-notch restaurants including The Real Greek, Wagamama, Pizza Express and the new Argentinian steakhouse, Buenasado, there really is something to suit everyone. Of course, the icing on the cake would be to finish the evening off by travelling home in a glamorous Cheap Gravesend Limo, imagine sipping champagne and revelling in the laser light show and incredible state of the art sound system all the way home.


Gravesend Limo Hire offers the perfect way to enjoy the historic town of Gravesend. Why not hire an 8-seater Lincoln Limousine to escort your friends and family in lavish style to one of the many, excellent restaurants and clubs in Gravesend?


Sultan Sofrasi restaurant in Gravesend is one of the finest Turkish restaurants in Kent, offering authentic flavours and delectable cocktails. Perhaps you prefer the relaxed mediterranean vibe of Rico Sabar restaurant, Gravesend, with its Latin American / Spanish Tapas bar. Add a real exotic flavour to your excursion by rolling up in a Cheap Gravesend Limo. Why not kick start your evening with a 1-hour VIP cruise in an 8-seater limousine? Our professional CRB checked chauffeurs will take care of the driving while your group sip champagne, chill to your favourite tunes blasting out of the incredible sound system and revel in the dazzling laser light show.


Are you ready to dance the night away? Blakes Nightclub in Gravesend is a premier nightlife destination in the South East, bringing the absolute best music exclusive DJ’s acts. Hire a Cheap Gravesend Limo! Imagine you and your friends making a grand entrance by rolling up like real Hollywood celebrities! Ditch the hassle of arranging grotty taxis; imagine stepping out at the end of an amazing evening into a classy limousine and each of you being driven safely home in style. It’s not as expensive as you think - If you club together, it can cost the same as taxis and adds that certain pizzazz to a special occasion!


If it’s the thrill of a challenge you seek, visit The Panic Room, Gravesend, a world-famous escape room. It is one of the UK’s largest Escape Room centres with over 20 experiences. Why not top off the adventure by booking a Cheap Gravesend Limousine? Imagine the exhilaration on your friends’ faces as a luxurious limousine rolls up to collect them!





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The Woodville Halls in Gravesend offers year-round cultural entertainment with a whole host of high-end theatre productions, main-house shows, pantomime and comedy acts. If there is a special birthday coming up why not hire a swish 8-seater limousine to take you and your group to The Woodville Halls in flamboyant style.


Whatever your plans, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or you just feel you deserve a treat, let our team help plan your dream excursion by calling Cheap Gravesend Limo Hire. Our professional, CRB checked chauffeurs will work around your itinerary, ensuring you a safe, stylish journey.


Complimentary champagne and soft drinks are fully inclusive and you can bring along your own DVDs to blast through our incredible sound system.


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