Whatever you want to find around Corby, shops, businesses, hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, theatre or Cheap Limo Hire etc. our directory, classified system and events guide will help you to find out what's on in Corby and where to find things in and around Corby. Corby Limousine Hire is situated near Priors Hall Golf Club. The golf club consist of practice greens, driving nets, professional tuition and a fully stocked golf shop and is just four miles from the town centre in Corby . Rockingham Castle, Kirby Hall and Rockingham Motor Speedway are all within the Corby Borough and just minutes away from Corby. The Borough offers a selection of heritage attractions and leisure activities to suit every age and interest. For overnight stays, a wide range of accommodation is available to suit every taste, Corby Hummer Limo Hire is the sister company of Corby Limo Hire. Both companies now are taking bookings for the new black and White Hummer Hire in Corby and surrounding areas. We cover the following events like Hen Nights, Birthday Party, School Prom, Weddings, Race Days and Funerals. We have UK largest selections of H2 Hummer Limos, 8 seater Limos, Limo Bus and Luxury car hire. We also have the Pink Hummer Limo suitable for a day out at Royal Ascot, Formula F1 Racing or Cheltenham races in the Black Hummer Limo.


Black Hummer Limo Corby

(Black Hummer Limo Corby)


Some place to visit in Corby would be:


Corby Radio - Corby radio is a radio station that started in 1998 and is based in Corby, they play lots of different tastes of music to suit everybodys preferences, you can also ring in a ask for a song to be played for you, they have regular news telling you about the UK recent happenings and also have their own news for Corby and the surrounding areas, they have games that you can join in with by ringing into the station and listening to them on the radio, and you can also win lots of prizes from them, if you want to you can go to the studio and have a look around. Cheap Limo Hire is ready to take your booking in Corby so you and your family can enjoy a nice meal at your favourite place. You can hire the Baby Bentley Limo or a 8 seater Limo, If you have a large group of people travelling you hire the Pink Hummer Limo or Limo Bus or Party Bus that holds up to 16 people. The H2 Hummer Limos are very popular for School proms and Travelling to your wedding in style. Why not hire the Pink Hummer Limo or White Hummer Limo in the corby area. Funeral Limo Hire is ready to take your booking, we have 8 seater Black Limo which can cater for all your Funeral Limo Hire needs. If you have a larger family, 16 seater Black Hummer Limo is now ready to take booking for your Funeral Limo Hire.


East Carlton Country Park - East Carlton country park is situated on the edge of the Welland valley, there are nice walks and places to see, the wildlife and trees there are fantastic, there is also a heritage center which used to be an old couch house and stables, where you can go and find out about all of the different history about the place and how it used to produce mass amounts of iron and steel to many places around the United Kingdom you can also go to the café there, there is gift shops you can go to to get yourself or someone a little something and a children's playground that your children can go to. If you have a Birthday coming up and you know the person loves pink, you can now hire a Pink Hummer Limo which really does stand out, The Pink Hummer Limo holds 16 people and can travel to your School Prom or Royal Ascot in style and Luxury, we also have the Party Bus in Pink which holds 16 people 


Prom Night Corby Limo Hire

(Prom Night Corby Limo Hire)


Rockingham Castle - Rockingham castle is a fantastic place to go if you're into your history, this castle was built and designed by the famous William the conqueror, when you arrive you will be greeted by the friendly staff who will show you to the ticket office so you can buy an admission, then you be taken inside the castle while another staff person will talk to you about the history and about what has happened there while you walk around it, there is a café there where you can go for a snack and drink after walking around it, and there are gifts shop where you can go to get a souvenir for either you or someone in your family, they also run a game fair once a year. 


Wedding Car Hire Corby

(Wedding Car Corby)


Willows Arts Centre - The willows art center is based in the center of Corby, it is a voluntary art center that is used for many things such as CATS (Corby Amateur Theatrical Society), Eclipse Performing Arts, Ballet from the Vienna Festival, Some of our countries best tribute bands, Comedy Shows and more. There are also some great function rooms for hire there which you can have food and buffets put in, for whatever the occasion, there is also a food and drinks café too. Party Bus Limo Hire and Limo Bus is a very popular hire choice to get the party started in corby in style. We can offer you a 1 hour VIP cruise in Corby, where you can sit back and relax and listen to your tunes while turning up in a Limo Bus or a Party Bus Limo, we will also provide you with Bubbly or Soft drinks, if you need another Cheap Limo Hire in Pink, Why not hire the Pink Hummer Limo.


Rockingham Motor Speedway Rocking motor speedway is situated near Corby, it is a great place to take the family for the day or to go for a special occasion, e.g a party. They also host the Dunlop great and british motorsport festival also you can hire different cars to drive there such as Ferraris, V8 supercars, Porsches, rally cars and even a genuine Formula 1 car, which normally most people wouldn't get to drive, especially a formula 1 car! Now you can if you go to Rockingham speedway, there is a bar and café there too, so if your hungry just pop down there to get something and a drink.


At about 25 miles north-east of lies the quaint little industrial town of Corby nestled next to the slightly bigger town of Kettering. Although it may not be as large as its counterparts in Northamptonshire, what it lacks in size, Corby makes up for in heart, drive and the entertainment that it provides for all comers that decide to come and visit this pleasant conurbation. Wheterh you are planning a day’s excursion or even using Corby as one of the many stops or you birthday or Stag/Hen weekend we can say with all due confidence that you won’t be let down by what you find here.


Party Bus Limo Corby

(Party Bus Limo Corby)


A little known fact about Corby is that there was mass Scottish migration to the area in the past at that in turn, has turned Corby into the English hub of Scottish culture of sorts. It was estimated in the 2001 census that at least 10,000 inhabitants of the town were of Scottish-born dissent. This has gone a long way to describing the peculiar dialect that one comes across on their visits here. The locals refer to this unique accent as ‘Corbyite’ which is more akin to Glaswegian than any other English dialect. Football fandom is rife in the town with the inevitable split between the local community of Celtic and Rangers supporters. The locals are very proud of their Scottish heritage, and so there is a high concentration of Scottish shops, food and sporting societies. In fact, until recently, Corby town council had Gaelic signs up outside their shops.


So, what can you expect to see and visit on your visit to this odd but fantastic town? Well, if you are looking for a great quality night out, then Corby more than caters for your entertainment needs. In terms of pubs and nightclubs, there are numerous establishments at your disposal. Venues such as; Stars and Escape nightclub right at the heart of the town providing all comers with the opportunity of dancing and being entertained by great music in a fantastic atmosphere. Additionally, there are countless admittance and drink promotions being held throughout the year, so whenever you decide to go to this fantastic venue, you know you are not going to be let down.


Corby also has a number of fantastic eateries at its disposal, from the quaint Scottish themed restaurants to some of the best curry houses available in the whole of the country. Where you decide to eat in Corby you won’t be disappointed. Wedding Limo Hire have a wide range of Modern and Classical Limos and Cars Hire. We cater for Indian Wedding, Muslim Wedding Hire also Church or Registry Wedding Hire. We have some very special limos and cars in our Wedding Car Hire Fleet. We have Bentley, Rolls Royce Phantom, and also have the Pink Hummer Limo or the Baby Bentley Limo which holds 8 people in White 8 seater limo or Black 8 seater Limo.


Just like you wont be disappointed with the sheer level of service that our professional and prestigious company will offer to you. Our chauffeurs are polite, no smoking and extremely proficient at taking you to and from wherever you want to go through the entire breadth of the country. So make the wisest decision that you have ever made now, by contacting us and hiring a limousine experience that is something  that truly needs to be beheld.

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