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Whats in the  Limo Jeep?

*Champagne Glasses*
*Real Fiber Optic Lighting Throughout*
*Multiple DVD Plasma Screens Throughout*
*Plush Leather Seating*
*Neon Lighting*
*Disco Lighting*
Back Bar Lighting

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Lux Limos limo hire are proud to present the 16 Seater Excursion Limo Jeep or the 16 seater Navigator Limousine . Which can hold up to 16 people in the limo. All these vehicle have full party club feeling, once inside the Limousine, you will feel like a true rock star. The limo jeep is bigger than the hummer limousine and one of the most popular vehicle hired out in the U.S. you will be amazed on the size of these Limos and once onboard you have top of the range sound system, neon lights, laser lights, four bars, DVD player, TV screens. with champagne on ice or soft drinks for the kids.


    Excursion Limo  

Limo Jeep


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Fancy something different then why not book the mummy limo jeep, in side you have an Egyptian theme, sound system, neon lighting, laser lights VIP area, four bars, t.v's, DVD player and a Tutankhamun statue... great if you have a themed party to go to or you want something completely different from a standard excursion, so just give us a call on 0845 055 0740 and let us take you and your party in a Excursion Limo Jeep in style to your destination.

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