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Its gets better with age…

We’d be lying if we said that, here at Lux-Limo, we don’t think that all our modern luxury limousines and prestige cars are amazing – they represent some truly fantastic advances in the luxury car industry and some stunningly high levels of comfort and style.

But we’d also be lying if we said we didn’t think some things get better with age – and one of those things is our selection of classic Rolls Royce luxury cars.

Our vintage Rolls Royce hire services are second to none, offering some of the finest luxury cars of the 20th century from Rolls Royce, spanning through the 1950s, 60s and 1970s too. These vehicles are the absolute epitome of classic cars and, while other makers such as Bentley and Daimler do offer incredibly luxury vehicles from these eras too, no-one does the luxury vintage car like Rolls Royce.

Our vintage Rolls Royce hire services present you with the opportunity to really make an event or special occasion truly memorable with a real one-of-a-kind vehicle. During the heyday of these amazing vintage Rolls Royce hire vehicles, they were strictly reserved for the rich and well-to-do in the world and some, like the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, were event favourites of kings, sultans and powerful leaders all over the world.

Now, thankfully, the doors are wide open for the rest of us – thanks to our cheap vintage Rolls Royce hire services, anyone can experience the classic luxury and style of a vintage Rolls Royce hire car due to our incredibly competitive rates and expert industry knowledge.

So if you want to experience true vintage luxury and travel in the original lavish luxury Rolls Royce cars, then trust us here at Limo Hire and our amazing vintage Rolls Royce hire services. You could experience the comfort and extravagance of such vehicles as the original Rolls Royce Phantom and the iconic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a wedding day, and need a genuine vintage luxury car to make it perfect or you just want a standard one-hour cruise package for no other reason than to experience one of these amazing vehicles then give Limo Hire a call on 0845 055 0740 for a free, instant quote in a vintage Rolls Royce hire package!

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