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World’s Smallest Lamborghini!

This chinese farmer owns the smallest ‘Lamborghini’ which is something that many chinese farmers cannot say that they own! With a small investment of just 5,000 yuan (£500) on scrap metal and working on the car for 6 months, complete with lamborghini doors and stickers, Guo, the farmer has managed to make his very own supercar! The vehicle itself is on 2m in length and 1m tall but can reach speeds of up to 60mph!

This car will look like a tiny bug next to our super stretch H2 Hummers that can hold up to 16 passengers in our luxury H2 Hummer which is available in white, pink or black!

Our Hummers come complete with luxury leather seats, fiber optic lighting, plasmas, super sound system and champagne bar area where you will also receive complimentary bubbly (or soft drinks) for the duration of your hire!

We are available for any occasion including hen / stag do’s, birthdays, weddings, school proms and just for added fun for your night out! For more information on our packages,  call us on 0800 002 9475 or email


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