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Porsche-Tweakers Gemballa Unveil Diamond Supercars

Renowned for their hot-rodding and souping up of expensive Porsches, supercar tweakers Gemballa have unveiled a truly lavish vehicle – their diamond coated Porsches.

Made from finely-crushed up real diamonds, the German tuning company claim genuine diamonds are a “key ingredient” to this astoundingly expensive-looking vehicle.

“Not metal pigments, glass fragments, or crystals”, said Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz, “When Gemballa speaks of diamonds, we really mean it”.

The process of making this jaw-dropping paint job involves crushing and grinding pure diamonds down into a fine dust, so that they can be applied to the carbon-fibre bodies of supercars such as the Porsche’s that Gemballa are notorious for working on.

The result is a unrivaled glimmer and shine, and a rather heft bill we imagine, as well!

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