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London Olympics Have Begun – Get A Limo To Your Event!

So the first weekend of the London 2012 Olympic games is over, and the games are now in full swing dominating our TV screens, newspapers and new websites for the rest of the summer.

Did any of our regular readers check out the opening ceremony on Friday? Here at Lux Limo we thought it was absolutely fantastic! A lot of quintessentially British themes going on in the performances, particularly the industrial revolution. We also thought the music was absolutely amazing – a true showcase of British talent.

Of course, our favourite part to be the very beginning on the ceremony. We’re obviously talking about the one and only James Bond escorting Queen Elizabeth II herself off from Buckingham Palance and into a helicopter – before ending the journey with a parachute jump into the stadium!

It was a very light hearted and cleverly-done performance, and we felt it really showcased the Queen’s sense of humour as well.

But enough about the opening, an Olympics isn’t anything without its events and the events so far have been very amazing. Most notably over the weekend was the female swimmer who beat the world record – by four seconds!

It’s a great start to this truly monumental occasion, and things are surely just set to get even better over the next few weeks. There are still many different sporting events and celebrations to come, and it’s bound to be a fantastic summer!

So if you’re heading off to London (or perhaps another venue a bit closer to home) to watch one of these events in person, or perhaps you’re heading somewhere else to join in with an Olympic-themed celebration, party or carnival, then you’ll need some truly special and one-of-a-kind transport to deal with this once-in-a-lifetime event.

And what better way to mark it that with a luxurious stretch limousine from the experts here at Lux Limo. We’ve got some great deals on during the Olympics this summer, so you can get a lavish, luxurious and comfortable ride in an illustrious stretch limousine for less!

In fact, we’ve got a stunning off on at the moment and, now that the Olympics are underway, the discount code is valid and ready for you to take advantage of this one-off deal.

During the time the Olympics are on in London this summer, we are offering a staggering 10% off all Olympics limo hire packages.

All you need to do to claim your discount from us here at Lux Limo is to first check out our announcement article for the discount code and a list of elligable Olympic venues.

Next, just book your limousine from us over the phone on 0800 002 9475 and quote the code to us when you book for your discount. And that’s it – it’s that simple!

And it’s a great saving too. For example, say your booking would normally come to £500. Well, with our Olympic 10% discount, you’re saving a whopping £50. That’s your spending money for your day out sorted!

For a full list of limousines and available vehicles, just check out the Lux Limo website. Then when you’re ready to book, just call us on 0800 002 9475 or email us at sure you quote the code for your 10% off!

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