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Hire a limo to remember Michael Jackson

Hire a black hummer limo to attend a screening of the Michael Jackson movie “this is it” There is no doubt that the king of pop would himself turn up in a hummer limo, be it a Pink hummer limo, a white hummer limo or a black hummer limo. Surely this can be the only suitable way to commemorate the great man. He was a showman who liked to splash the cash, and you can achieve the same effect for less than you might think. We at Lux Limos offer cheap limo hire, which means you can afford to make your viewing of this epic tour diary as unforgettable as the man himself.



All the stars are talking about the movie, including Duncan James of Boy band, Blue, who hosted the premier last night in Leicester Square, rappers such as Chipmunk and many more who turned out to honour Jackson. At such a high profile event you can bet your bottom dollar that all the celebrities there wanted to make an entrance, and probably booked their very own hummer limo to have the most Impressive arrival of the night.



So, think about booking your own black hummer limo today, or blue, pink or even a white hummer limo to make the occasion extra special, all you Jacko’ fans deserve to give the man a spectacular final send off, and this is the way to do it!

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