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Congratulations to Fearn Cotton!

This morning, Fearn Cotton gave birth to her baby boy who they have named Rex Rayne Wood with her partner Jesse Wood! She announced the news by tweeting this morning at 7.35am!

Congratulations to Fearn and Jesse!

If you wanted to make bringing your new born extra special, then why not hire a super stretch hummer to bring them home in! You can choose a pink hummer if its a girl or white or black for a boy!

You will be greeted by a friendly and polite chauffeur who will take you home safely and in style and when you walk out of the hummer with the new born in your arms, you will feel so special and when the baby gets to see what you did for them when they are older, they will be extreley chuffed and i am sure that will be a good story to tell!


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