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Everyone love’s a party – and the younger we are the harder we do it! So if you love the nightclub experience – but maybe aren’t a fan of queues or sweaty crowds – then for your next party celebration – and book our Night Club On Wheels – aka Our Party Bus Limousine Hire.  A great alternative to clubs because you can spend time with your closest friends in a fun setting. And the scenery outside is always changing, so instead of being stuck in an overheated nightclub, you’ll get the treat of seeing your town or city right outside your windows.

Party bus limos are essentially clubs on wheels; they have all the same out fittings as clubs, but with fewer downsides. Strobe lights, disco lights, laser lights, large screen tv, dvd player & mirror balls in the interior of the bus can give it a nightclub feel, bring your own CD’s that can be booming through the high-quality sound system and the dance floor and dance pole will invite you and your friends cut loose.

Meanwhile, the bar can allow you to enjoy some drinks and unwind from a stressful week, and we put 3 bottles of complementary bubbly on ICE.

Fun on the move

When you hire the Party Bus the time is yours – you may possible decide to go for a pub crawl – before hopping back on – each of your friends can partake in a few drinks without worrying about how they’ll get themselves home that’s what your dedicated chauffeur is for.

Your Party group won’t get split up either – 15 passengers in then 15 passengers out at the end of your hire time, no waiting for taxi’s or driving.

Safety first

At Lux Limo we been doing this for over ten years – all our Party Bus are mechanically sound – clean inside & outside before each job they undertake and good to go! But below are some important safety tips – when hiring our Party Bus Limo Hire services.

All ways know who’s on board the party bus. For example if the bus stops several times during your hire – a stranger may come on board to crash the party

Keep an eye on your group – just check no ones not drinking too much, a too intoxicated person, will put a damper on the party – for everyone. Also ensure that if a friend brings a friend example a cousin or their friend from out of town, make sure that they are of legal drinking age before they take a sip!

Book today!

Call us free on 0800 002 9475 for the best Party Bus Limo Hire services in the UK, we are an affordable, cost effective & experienced Limo Hire company serving our customers with the highest standards for over ten years.

Find out more about our Party Bus Limo Hire at :  Night Club On Wheels – our phone lines are open around the clock 7 days a week.







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