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BMA say NHS 111 system has already crashed!

The all new 111 service is due to launch on Monday in England replacing the NHS Direct number.

And surprise surprise like many new Government idea (working family tax credit’s springs to mind) – there are problems already with the system where it’s been trailed.

When the government’s made overpayments of Working Family Tax to families – which they then demanded back…What will they do when  failures occur due to misguidance, from NHS 111 operaters – leads to loss of life?

The BMA said “several areas it seemed to have been completely unable to cope with call volumes or suffered severe IT failures – it is patients safety that is been put at risk”

“In some areas, such as Greater Manchester, NHS 111 effectively crashed because it was unable to cope with the number of calls it was receiving. The quality of advice being given out has also been questionable in some instances.”

So watch this space – as we sit back and watch the Government attempt to roll out the NHS 111 – if the BMA (British Medical Association) don’t’ have much faith in it then – that says something!

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