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Things To Do Whilst Travelling In A Hummer Limo

Once you have booked your Hummer Limo all there is left to do is sit
back and enjoy a cruise in your Hummer Limo. Many people travel for an hour
cruise around their local town & many go anywhere across the UK and
returned back home. Whilst you and your 15 friends are waiting for your arrival
then why not take your own music along or even plug in a microphone and do some karaoke along the way. If it’s a Hen Party then you may wish to bring some question games to pass the time but always be sure to never forget your camera.

On the way home it’s always nice to set the right mood so maybe it may help to adjust the disco lights and the air con before setting off! If it’s a birthday surprise treat  that you are celebrating then why not take some party poppers, some confetti and blast them out to make that special someone have the biggest surprise of their life.

Christmas celebrations are also very common to want to book a Hummer Limo so why not do a Christmas Carol sing-a-long CD and be jolly all the way to your party!

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