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Ideas On Hummer Limos For Weddings

If you are thinking of booking a
Hummer Limo for your wedding then Lux Limo would say 100% you will not be let
down. There are many ideas that we could give to make your day that extra
special by having a frost white Hummer Limo turn up at your door. Once you have
fully decided that this is the vehicle you would like then there a few options
that could appeal to you.

  • Have any colour Hummer Limo of your
    choice turn up at the church after your ceremony and then take you on an hour
    cruise and drop you to your Wedding Reception.
  • Have any colour Hummer Limo pick you up
    from your home and take you to your church have the driver wait and then drop
    you off to your reception.
  • Or you could have exactly the same as
    any of them but stop at your desired location with a good view and take some
    amazing wedding Snap shots for a photo album with the Hummer Limo in the back

There many reasons that you may come up with
yourself for your wedding so don’t hesitate to call for enquiries.

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