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Hen Nights with a Hummer Limousine

Booking a Hen Night can be a very hard task to do when you have to cater for 16 women ready to party. So here are some tips Lux Limo have picked up from previous bookings to help you decide on how to make an unbelievable Hen Night come true. Many people from anywhere in the UK travel to many big cities to enjoy a weekend break away weather its to relax in a hotel spa or party all night long for their Hen Night. Why not book a Pink Hummer Limo to match a pink Hen Night theme so that all the girls have to dress up in pink.

Booking a Party Bus Limo is always good to let your hair down with champagne, music and dance pole for when you start to get a bit adventurous. Inside a Party Bus Limo can seat 15 people in total and comes with many options such DVD, I-pod connections and 42 inch TV monitors.

Maybe Book The White Hummer Limo to take you all to watch a concert many Hen Nights don’t just consist of going out partying, some people love to see their idol in action and to see them play live. So have A White Hummer Limo take you directly to the doors and maybe people may think you are the star of the night.

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