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Booking a Hummer Limo for Shopping trips around the UK!

Everyone at some point in the year needs a shopping trip weather it for cloths, presents,or even a day out to see somewhere new. There are many places to try and Lux Limo would like to refer you to some excellet places to go. If you fancy somewhere up north of the UK then Sheffield is the place to visit. Sheffield is a big city where there are many shops to choose from, many with well known high Street names and many that offer great discounts. South Of Sheffield has a big shopping mall called Meadow Hall. Inside has a very huge food complex and boasts many top events inside. The Meadow Hall itself has many acres of shops which will make a great shopping trip in Plush White Hummer Limo.

If its West of the UK then Birmingham makes a fantastic place to shop. Birmingham consists of a shopping centre called The Bullring which again has all the fantastic Branded shop names and many small shops which is really good for discount prices on all items. Milton Keynes is central midlands of the UK and offers a superb indoor shopping centre all on ground floor. Very attractive shopping centre to people who have never been so feel free to ring for a quote on a Pink Hummer Limo to take you to any of these fine shopping centres.


The Big City London is always the best place to go for attractions but can be very expensive but very enjoyable. Many people book Hummer Limos all year round but with xmas aound the corner whats betterthan travelling in a Plush White Hummer Limo with champagne! No one can ask for more. : )

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