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Black Hummer Limos

Booking a Black Hummer Limo can be very versatile for many different occasions just from the Hummer being black in colour. Your day can be a happy occasion such as a Birthday surprise treat for your young children aged between 5 to 15 years old. Maybe Hire a Black Hummer Limo to take them for an hour cruise and then take them all to your local Pizza Hut. These are just some ideas for you to have in mind if you ever think you may want to hire a Black Hummer Limo.


A Black Hummer Limo as well as any other colour Hummer Limo is 35 feet in length weighing just less than 3 tons. Each of our hummer limos is fully equipped with the latest technology. Flashing Disco lights, Multi changing neon lights, and mirrored ceilings all for your entertainment. You may wish to book a Black Hummer Limo for other reasons such as funerals or just a night out, what ever you choose booking a Black Hummer Limo is a perfect way to celebrate all occasions.

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