What can beat the thrill of hovering over your home town or county at 35,000 feet and then launching yourself out of the plane into the hands of fate and you experience the thrill of plummeting towards the earth at a vast amount of speed only to have the feeling of being saved just before the point of no return by your parachute, your saving grace. This is, of course, the wonderful and exhilarating world of Sky Diving.

This activity is somewhat of an essential for any thrill seeking birthday, Stag or Hen party who want action and pizzazz injected into their day and want something more than a trip to a Paintball venue or other such activity. After all, what can beat the sheer thrill of placing your life in the hands of the gods and experiencing the feeling of being as free as a bird soaring through the sky? But what better action than that, than by arriving at your selected sky diving venue in the comfort and sheer luxury of your own hired white, black or pink Hummer limo which has been professionally and obligingly provided and chauffeured for you by the elite and proficient staff here at Lux Limos. Travelling there in one of our limousine fleet means you can arrive to the venue like celebrities or action heroes ready to take on your deepest fears and unravelling your deepest thrills.

Sky Diving

The advent of this particular activity came about from the various complex and unconventional tactics that certain military units practised so they could parachute behind enemy lines. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you a proficient skydiver or a first time beginner then you will be accommodated thoroughly by the professional venue that’ll be running your activity. What you don’t have to have fears over however is getting around in comfort or style as we have that covered. Allow us to break up the tension and dubious atmosphere by offering a fantastic audio system where you can play some relaxing tracks of exhilarating rock music to help sooth those nerves. Additionally, you can make use of the fantastic plasma screen system that we have set up in every one of our vehicles and maybe take in some of those old war DVDs and see how they skydived way back then.

So why not do yourself a favour and the indulgence of booking your specific party of friends for a sky diving event, perhaps Target Skysports in North Lincolnshire where they cater for all manner of sky diving activities whatever your ability. Games such as ‘hit the rock’, where as soon as you land safely on the ground you detach your parachute and race to sit on a chair, are readily played so there is an element of completion afoot when you visit.

Whatever you decide to do on your skydiving day out make sure that we are who you call to travel with. We are here to offer you a fantastic quality of service which is a RIGHT to you and not a privilege.

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