Please note this vehicle is no longer in use in accordance with VOSA UK Transport Legislation.

Welcome to our Hummer Triple Axle Limousine Hire page, whether it is a pink Hummer Limo or a black Hummer Limo, we have them available. The Triple Axel Hummer is a Limo with a difference. The only way you can discover a Hummer Limo experience is if you book your amazing journey today, only with Lux Limos.The Hummer Triple Axle Limo is the biggest limo to arrive in the UK. The Hummer Limo is so big it needs 8, yes! 8 22" wheels to take you and your party around with it size. Inside you have an amazing sound system to listen to your music, excellent neon lighting, stunning lazar lights, a superb complimentary bar area, lush leather seats, 2 VIP areas and an incredible disco floor. The triple axel hummer is said to be the Daddy of all the Hummer Limo Hire. Don't miss out and hire this massive limousine today and watch people envy you as you drive past in this monster of a limousine.

Hummer Triple Axle Limousine

Limo hire can pick you up from your home address or an address of you choice. When your Hummer Triple Axel Limo arrives on the day, all you have to do is climb aboard sit back relax and listen to the latest music blaring out of the intense speaker system, while drinking champagne or soft drink for the kids, Just leave the driving to your professional and friendly Chauffeur who will be in a suit and have the latest SatNav to get to your destination in pure style and confidence.

Lux Limo have limousines in different sizes and shapes. We can cater for large groups of people all the way down too two people traveling in our limousine. All you have to do is call 0845 055 0740 and let us take you in a Triple Axel Hummer to your destination in class.

Hummer Triple Axle Limousine On 0800 002 9475