Through rain or shine your dad has been there for you. He was there to fix your bike when the wheel got a puncture or the chain fell off. He was there to take you to you ballet or instrument recital and was the most proud and beaming gentlemen in the audience and whose applause for you they could hear all the way in Dundee limo hire. He taught you how to drive, how to play football and was always ready with a few pounds to help you out whenever you needed it in the past.

Well now that you have grown older and both he and you mum have shaped you into the fantastic, well-rounded man or woman you are today what better way to celebrate his priceless input into your life by giving him a Father’s Day limo hire he is never to forget. And what better way to treat him and the few guest that are coming along for the ride by hiring one our prestigious 16-seater hummer hire limos to start his special day off with a bang.

Just think about i, with a skilled qualified fashion consultant aiding you on your choices you can hardly go wrong when making an impact. They are trained to advise you on everything from your tops to your socks and from your trousers to your bras, their expert knowledge will pay off dividends when you throw all the good tips together and wear an outfit that will be the envy of your friends. Furthermore, the bride-to-be can be treated with the VIP treatment she deserves. It will definitely take the weight off of her shoulders when the fashion consultant picks out some ravishing and beautiful beach or holiday wear for her to pack in her suitcase for her and her new husband’s fantastic honeymoon.

Father's Day

Now, hiring a limousine through us will mean that you will have the most exquisite of transport covered but what about things and to do and places to go on the day itself? If you father is footy mad or cricket crazy why not arrange for one of our black limos to take him to a match at his team of choice. Imagine your dad’s delight, being a lifelong Birmingham city fan, turning up for a derby game against Aston Villa at St. Andrew’s stadium in one of our black hummer limos hire. This experience will surely rank up there as one of the most amazing experiences of his life; Perhaps only to be beaten by the marriage to your mother and of course, the birth of your good self. And this amazing adventure will be all your doing and you will no doubt be endlessly thanked and praised about it by your dad his friends and loved ones.

If your dad isn’t as sporty as he used to be or just isn’t a sports fan in general then why not treat him to a meal? Everyone has to eat, and everyone loves being able to experience some fine dining. So why not book one of the best restaurants in the area, specifically catering for the cuisine that your father enjoys. Perhaps you have heard one of the best restaurants in the country is just in the next city to you, or you want to treat your father to some gourmet cuisine courtesy of a Michelin-starred restaurant; wherever you decide to eat be rest assured that we will deliver a father's day limo hire service to you to your chosen destination with the class, flair, privacy and style that is befitting to a man that has done so much and means so much to your life.

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