Please note this vehicle is no longer in use in accordance with VOSA UK Transport Legislation.

Do you want to travel in style, glory and excellence? Do you want to make peoples eyes go wide and their jaws literally hit the pavement with astonishment? Do you want to feel like a celebrity worth a million dollars cruising down the street in a manner which befits your fantastic and excellent nature? If you have collectively shouted out in a chorus of “Yes!” at your computer screens then we have a vehicle that will make you drool with anticipation onto your keyboards. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my esteemed and privileged honour to present to you; the Double Axle Hummer Limousine.

Yes folks, it’s here and it is ready and waiting to cut a course through your favourite towns and cities creating a swath of admiration and adulation wherever you decide our highly trained and experienced chauffeurs should take it to. It’s double-axled Hummer limo hire design means it’s a dream to manoeuvre and drive which, in turn, means that you can ask the chauffeur to ferry you around just about anywhere you wish to. Another reason to get your hungry hands on this piece of prestige and excellence is because it can deliver the Hollywood VIP limo hire treatment like no other vehicle. Just one look at its truly amazing design and one can already picture this vehicle serving the rich and famous all the way up in Beverley Hills and along the Sunset Strip. So, coupled with our cheap limo hire prices, how can you pass up the opportunity to be part of something this huge and to travel just like you favourite pop, rock and movie icons do? I think you know how to answer that question and I think you know that you deserve such an amazing opportunity.

Another great feature of these marvellous and unique double axle Hummer limo hire vehicles is the amount of passengers it can comfortably and easily take you to wherever you wish to go. These Hummer limousines hire are able to transport up to 16 of you safely and securely. This only serves to provide a more intimate limo experience and really helps with the bonding between you and your family and friends that you have got travelling with you. Now, you’d think that there would be only room for 16 passengers and there couldn’t possibly be room for anything more, wouldn’t you? Well, let us have the pleasure of surprising you once again as the Hummer limo hire vehicles boast a bevy of mod cons to entertain you and your passengers most thoroughly throughout your journey.

There are a myriad of LCD TVs linked up to a central DVD player so if there is an element of ennui during your journey it can be easily broken up by watching your favourite movies. There is a remarkable audio system of board so you are able to really get the party started in your limo hire vehicle even before arriving at your chosen venue and at hummer limo hire, they are available at low cost prices, so book one today!

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