Here at chauffeur limo hire we promise a lot of things. We promise you one of the best limousine experiences that you are ever going to have. We assure you that we have the right vehicle for the job, and that within these vehicles we have all the latest mod-cons and features that you would expect to find in the interior of a high quality limousine hire. At no extra cost we provide you with champagne to welcome you on board and try to accommodate the every need of your party if and when we can. But, what makes our drivers who work for us so good?

There are various factors that go up to making a good chauffeur and here at Lux Limos, we believe that we have an entire staff of excellent chauffeurs limo hire who can’t wait to pick you up in the limousine hire you have hired and take you where you want to go. However, as we are fair, professional and one of the best companies around we shall tell you just what to look out for when assessing a chauffeur limo hire.

Good Chauffeur

Firstly, has your limo hire chauffeur greeted you with a smile, introduced himself plainly and clearly and made you feel at ease? Believe us, the alarm bells should start to ring if your hot pink limousine chauffeur has got his back to you and is absent-mindedly puffing away on a cigarette. Secondly, how is he dressed? Here at our limo hire company we always send out our drivers in the smartest of chauffeur uniform which are strictly and stringently scrutinised before every job and, if they are not quite up to our highest standard, then that chauffeur is made to make the desired changes to his uniform before he starts out on his journey to pick you up. We don’t know what could be worse for a customer who has put their hard earned cash into hiring a limousine from what is supposed to be a reputable company only for their limo hire chauffeur to arrive in non-uniform, most probably in tracksuit, and with a surly attitude. But, be rest assured when you hire a black Hummer limo from us here the optimum quality you receive is in the WHOLE package. What’s more, we’ll endeavour to incorporate and accommodate any theme you might have planned. If your hen nigh requires our chauffeur limo hire to wear a blue, red or pink bow tie and hat, we will, of course, try our hardest to integrate this into his uniform to give you the best service money can buy.

Thirdly, is your limo hire chauffeur driving safely? We want you to be able to cruise around town at ease, be able to take in all the sites and not lose your dinner via motion sickness. Some other limo hire firms have had complaints that when their chauffeurs get behind the wheel they try and put the car ‘through its paces’. This behaviour is reprehensible and unacceptable. So do yourself a favour, and be driven by the chauffeurs at cheap limo hire today. You know it makes sense.

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